VCON has always supported local merchants and craftspeople who sell or make the finest in sci-fi and fantasy related goods. So be sure to visit our Exhibit Hall area to check out everything the Wheeler Dealers, the Artistic Mystics and the Cyberspace Marketplace has to offer!

The Dealers’ Hall is now full!
(New applications will be added to the wait list)

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Exhibiting Hours

Friday: 12:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Saturday: 11:00 AM – 6:30 PM
Sunday: 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Exhibiting Locations

Dealer Hall – Britannia A
Artist Alley – Britannia A/B connection bridge within Britannia A & B

VCON 42 Exhibitors and Art Show – Click to Enlarge

Attending Exhibitors

Updated as exhibitors are confirmed

In the Dealers' Hall

In the Dealers’ Room

Logo Details Location
Filidh Publishing Filidh Publishing

Filidh Publishing is a Victoria-based business that promotes authors in Victoria and Vancouver with Double Dog Dare Author Open Mic events in both cities and other BC locations. Filidh Publishing has attended several VCon’s in former years but not last year or year before. We hope to resume our participation and support for this wonderful Vancouver event. We are also willing to participate in programming especially in assisting with the Book Launch event if it will be again part of the schedule for this VCon.

Cimpoe Gallery Logo Cimpoe Gallery
Cimpoe Gallery specializes in original pop art paintings, prints and postcards. All work is produced in-house and printed locally. We are devoted to celebrating diversity, friendship and pop culture! Especially fantasy and science fiction. We look to create pieces that are highly unique and inspired. Our website cimpoe.com is a great place to get to know us!
Whovianart Logo Professor Whovianart
Professor Whovianart Creations has a good and solid reputation of making fine quality products for many years. Including but not exclusive to keychains, buttons, return tops, steampunk jewelry, sci-fi- props, and so much more. With a more recent addition being that of quality screen printed garments like t-shirts, polo shirts and hoodies.
Pulp Liturature Logo PulpLiterature
Good Books for the Price of a BeerPulp Literature Press publishes genre-busting short fiction anthologies as well as fantasy, mystery, and SF novels.
BCChains Logo BCChains
BCChains has been making and selling Chainmail for 18 years in BC. Additional products added a few years later. Custom work available and repairs on site.
VCON Swag Shop Logo VCON Swag Shop
Looking for VCON Swag? Be sure to stop by the VCON Swag Shop where you will find a variety of clothing options with official VCON 42 art; copies of the first short story anthology published by the West Coast Science Fiction Association (WCSFA) our parent non-profit organization- Power: In the Hands of One, In the Hands of Many – and many other items including beer steins, coffee mugs, water bottles, tote bags and even figurines of the Robotter, our futuristic west-coast mascot. All purchases support WCSFA, VCON and the other events it puts on for fans of science fiction, fantasy and gaming.
Cat's Knitting Logo Cat’s Knitting
Knitted and stitched items for the geek in all of us. I stitch therefore I am geek. Geeks rise up and take over the world…. LOL. Featuring works from Declivious Creations and the novel Synergy Of Hopes by Edwin Downward
Artrisy Logo Artrisy
Original artist, who specializes in realistic fantasy/sci-fi art
Mead Simon Chain Mail Designs                                            

Mead Simon has been creating original works in chain mail for over 30 years. Recognized as one of the most innovative fashion designers in the medium, his high-end fashions are sought by many throughout the world, but his laid back attitude and eagerness to share his passion with others has kept him working at the street level, rather than in the galleries. We hope that you will have a chance to talk with him throughout the weekend.

O-Kimono has specialized in providing authentic Japanese kimono and yukata, as well as traditional Chinese silk fashions, since 2006. From samurai to jedi to a night on the town or something different at work, we offer high-quality garments with an Asian flair at a reasonable cost. Illuminated Geek blends modern word processing and internet technology with Medieval-style illumination of your favourite sci-fiction and fantasy quotes. At work or at home, surround yourself with your favourite words as beautiful hand-painted art.
Razor Girl Press Logo Razorgirl Press
Razorgirl Press is a small publishing company based in Seattle. We specialize in publishing exquisite prose, fantastical adventure, and vivid otherworlds.
Ragnar the Trader/Morgan’s Pillows
Ragnar the Trader is a purveyor of Viking goods and Morgan’s Pillows makes nerdy themed Home products out of upcycled materials.
Dragon Box Collectibles Logo Dragon Box Collectibles
We 3D print props/toys and sell Japanese goods!
The Wylde Wood Collective Logo The Wylde Wood Collective
The Wylde Wood is a treasure box in which you will discover art, jewelry, craft, costume, story, and whimsy. This is a place of mystery and ancient memory, where you will always find something magical. We focus on all things Faerie, Mythic, Gothic, Steampunk, Fantasy, and of course, all that is geek-chic, in our constantly-changing glamourie of items. Looking for the work of a local artist, author or publisher, a one-of-a-kind faerie gown, or a truly unique piece of jewelry or headpiece? You will find it down in The Wylde Wood, where mystery and wonder wait.
Alys' Wonderland Logo Alys’ Wonderland
We specialize in corsets, custom costumes, alternative clothing and accessories. Steampunk, gothic, movie repros, fantasy and historical.
Gawkler Medieval Wares Logo Gaukler Medieval Wares
I’m an experimental archaeological artist with jewellery and antiquities for sale.
Ikth Fantasy Logo Ikth Fantasy
Ikth Fantasy is an independent publishing group who create fantasy comics.
Myth Hawker Travelling Bookstore Logo Myth Hawker Travelling Bookstore
Myth Hawker Travelling Bookstore travels from convention to convention across Canada selling genre fiction created by Canadian authors and/or Canadian small press.
Donald's Eye Chainmail Jewellery Logo Donald’s Eye Chainmail Jewellery

I make chainmail jewellery — or rather, items of personal adornment from chainmail :-). My work ranges from very simple earring designs through elaborate necklaces to dazzling evening purses, delicate scarves and dwarvish wall hangings. My work tends to big, confident statement pieces in bold colour designs, I use an usually wide variety of different weaves, my craftsmanship is meticulous and I have a unique design flair.

Dark Anachronism Designs Logo Dark Anachronism Designs
Dark Anachronism Designs makes handmade hats and other head wear as well as a selection of polymer clay figures and jewellery. Our larger pieces are all one off’s and are all carefully crafted by myself and my partner.
Kwest Logo Kwest Costume Art
Wearable art for mysterious folks… Handmade leather masks, pouches, cuffs, chokers, bags, journals, amulets, and LARP accessories. Superhero, steampunk, or fantasy themed
SF Canada Logo SF Canada 

SF Canada was founded in 1989 as Canada’s National Association for Speculative Fiction Professionals, and was Incorporated as SF Canada in 1992. SF Canada exists to foster a sense of community among Canadian writers of speculative fiction, to improve communication, to foster the growth of quality writing, to lobby on behalf of Canadian writers, and to encourage the translation of Canadian speculative fiction. SF Canada supports positive social action.

CarrHunger Logo CarrHunger

Turning 2 Dimensions into 3. Prop Makers, special skills actors, cosplayers. Taking remaining materials from various productions and projects and turning them into creative props, boxes, tags, patches and the like. Etching glass glasses, jars and various items with logos, crests, animals, etc.

Paranoid Delusions Eric Chu Logo Paranoid Delusions

Paranoid Delusions is the brainchild of Eric Chu, concept artist on Battlestar Galactica, and Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm. Here you can get your very own prints and posters of his work!

Exit RichmondLogo EXIT

Exit Entertainment is the premier escape room experience in the country with 10 locations and growing. Each location features unique scenarios ranging from action adventure to modern fantasy. You and your friends have 45 minutes to work together and find clues, solve puzzles and navigate your way to the EXIT before time runs out! This is the ultimate team bonding experience with friends, family, or your co-workers. EXIT Richmond is the flagship location featuring 5 premium escape room games, an ‘Anger Room’ for rage therapy, ‘Virtreal’ a virtual reality gaming room, and the ‘Ringmaster Games’ a player vs player physical and mental competition that will have you go head to head with you friends for the title of mini game champions. This stunning two floor facility is able to accommodate private bookings of up to 50 at one time.

Pastime Sports & Games Logo Pastime Sports & Games

Sports memorabilia, autographed memorabilia, autograph guests, fund raisers, collectable games including boardgames, RPG’s, other tabletop games, dice, and gaming accessories.


VCON Book Launch Logo VCON42 Book Launch

Shop the latest books featured in our very own VCON42 Book Launch.

Endless Realms Logo Lunar Games

Lunar Games is a Game publishing company, specializing in Tabletop RPGS. We will be promoting our flagship tabletop role playing game Endless Realms.

Bombshell Salon Logo B-Bombshell Salon

We are a geek themed and oriented hair salon!


In Artists' Alley

In Artists’ Alley

Logo Details Location
 Bits and Keys Logo Bits and Keys

We make jewellery from bits and pieces of upcycled and recycled other stuff. Old Keys, single earrings, gaming dice, pocket watches, and flatware, for example, are brought back to life in jewelry pieces. We carry a variety of unique, interesting, often nerdy, wearable art; which we can customize on the spot to ensure that the pieces match the person. We also carry a line of sassy and nerdy cross-stitch wall art and catnip pillows by the amazing @missstitched, who transforms an ancient feminine art medium into a modern feminist nerd platform.  All of the products in our booth are lovingly handmade locally in BC.

Shaina Wiard Logo Shaina Wiarda

Shaina Wiarda is an illustrator based in Vancouver BC. She graduated from Emily Carr University in 2016 and holds a BMA in animation. Her works are often inspired by vibrant colour palettes and her love of nerd podcasts, D&D, anime, and comics. Other than drawing, she likes to play video games and eat breakfast for dinner.

Populated Self Logo Populated Self – The Art of Tony Rodriguez

Vancouver based Illustrator/game artist with over 15 years of industry experience. Original artwork and art prints

In CyberSpace

In CyberSpace

Logo Details Location
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How about you?

For your shopping convenience, VCON42’s Dealer Room will be in the large and bright Britannia Ballroom A with Artist Alley being located just inside of the Britannia Ballrooms A and B.

The Dealer Room will be located in the hotel’s largest ballroom with easy access to the Art Room (next door), Artist Alley (just inside the door), the main Group Table area (just outside the door), Large Scale Programming like the Aurora Awards (down a connecting hallway), The Console Gaming rooms (down a connecting hallway) and the NEW self-serve Photo Op Lounge (in the adjacent hallway). We will also have 2 entrances to the Dealer Room at VCON42.

Are you a Merchant who would like to sell goods in the Dealers’ Room? 

Artist Alley is a great place to check out the creative works of artists you rarely find elsewhere. These artists will be creating work before your eyes and giving you a peek at there process, some may do commissions on site so that you can take home that one of a kind piece by the end of VCON42.

Artist Alley will be located inside of the Dealer Room and Art Room bridge point with immediate connections to the Photo Op Lounge, The Dealer Room, The Art Room and Large Scale Programming in Britannia C.

Are you an Artist who would like to sell your work in the Artists’ Alley? 

ATTENTION:  Cyberspace has been cancelled this year due to lack of interest!

Cruise VCON42 CyberSpace for online games, webcomics, podcasts and more.

Are you a Digital Ninja who would like to promote your work in the CyberSpace? 

Sign up now for interest in Cyberspace at VCON43!!