Want to attend the event?

Then register for your VCON membership today – there are discounts available for those who register early.


What’s all this about memberships?

WCSFA sells memberships to its major events (such as VCON) rather than tickets. About 80% of the income for each event comes from these membership fees. The sooner you register, the better sense of how much we have to spend on making the event great. It also provides us with the necessary funds to cover expenses that come up before the event happens such as event insurance coverage, name badge blanks, lanyards, A/V equipment rental and the food and drink for hospitality.

Every member of one of WCSFA’s major events is also a member of WCSFA itself, with $5 of the event membership fee going to support WCSFA directly and help cover yearly society operating expenses such as fees for web hosting and our post office box, and the monthly storage costs for the equipment we use at our events.

Members are eligible

  • to attend and vote at WCSFA General Meetings (over the age of 13)
  • for a $5 discount at other membership supported WCSFA events while their membership is active.
  • to run for election to the WCSFA Board of Directors (18 years or older)
  • to head up the organization committee for a major WCSFA event (18 years or older)