Aurora Awards Dinner Theater

Mily Mumford promo shot #2 for her one-woman show "Distractingly Sexy"

You are cordially invited…

…to attend The Aurora Awards Dinner Theatre at VCON 42/Canvention 38. Revel in an evening of excellent food and fabulous entertainment, followed by the presentations of Aurora Awards for the best Science Fiction and Fantasy produced in Canada!

Enjoy a fine catered dinner, and an evening with Mily Mumford! Mily Mumford is a scientist who also sometimes dabbles in comedy as well as a writer and director for film and theatre, and the Artistic Director of Nebula Company. Mily will be performing her famous (or infamous!) show “Distractingly Sexy”!

This Special Event is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC
Anyone may purchase a ticket and attend,
even those who are not also attending the convention.

Tickets: $75/person.
Date: Saturday, October 6
Time: Doors open at 6:00 PM, Show starts at 6:30 PM

Immediately followed by the Aurora Awards Ceremony – doors reopen at 8:00 PM to seat additional audience members.

About the Show

Distractingly Sexy: A short history of women getting f%$#ed over in science

If Ms. Frizzle had real good dance moves, if Bill Nye had real nice boobs – they’d probably create something like the experiment of (controlled) chaos that is Distractingly Sexy. Join real-life scientist (and writer/performer) Mily Mumford for an interactive ultra-funny, quite-satirical, certainly-wild and pretty-darn-sexy history of women in science (and how they have been f%$#ed over for centuries).

Mily Mumford

Mily Mumford promo shot #2 for her one-woman show "Distractingly Sexy"
Molecules are Sexy

Mily Mumford (Playwright/Performer) is a scientist who also sometimes dabbles in comedy as well as a writer and director for film and theatre, and the Artistic Director of Nebula Company which focuses on immersive theatre and new media. Recent writing/direction credits include the short film GEMINI (Crazy8’s Finalist Film, Cannes Short Film Corner, Premiere Pending), Dark Matter an immersive horror theatre event at the James Black Gallery and Distractingly Sexy: A short history of women getting f%$#ed over in science at the rEvolver Theatre Festival. She is a graduate of biotechnology and creative writing from Camosun College and Neuroscience from the University of Victoria and is currently an MSc. student at SFU in Interactive Technology researching AI/biofeedback technologies for long-term spaceflight.

Past Press

“Funny, smart, and, yes, sexy, Mumford delights at every turn with wit, fast facts, and some moments of absolutely brilliant prop comedy that I won’t spoil here. This show also contains the best advice I’ve heard so far for how to deal with unwanted male advances.”

– Meghan Bell, Room Magazine (full article)


“Tracing that history with barbed wit, Mumford says she was surprised herself by the sheer number of women in science and technology through the centuries—several whose stories she relates and embodies in her reflective one-hander. At one point, for example, she becomes Hypatia, a Neoplatonic scholar in ancient Alexandria who was a powerful astronomer and mathematician. Mumford intermingles tales from the past with contemporary observations from her fields.”

– Janet Smith, Georgia Straight (full article)


“Distractingly Sexy teaches, tickles and tempts—oh, and overtly challenges the patriarchy… Distractingly Sexy does a great job of pointing out the shortcomings our society still has in relationship to women, but is fun and humorous the whole way through. Required reading for anyone who is not a woman scientist.”

– Deneh’Cho Thompson, (full article)


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