Upintheair Theatre at VCON

Are you a fan of Speculative Fiction
(Duh! Why else would I be reading the VCON Blog?)

Are you a fan of LIVE theatre?
(Hmm… See, now that’s a question worth asking.)

This year, we’ve made arrangements to bring in the Speculative Fiction Theatre company Upintheair Theatre to host two, very different and very interesting sessions:

Relaxed Open Auditions with Artistic Producer Dave Mott

  • Date: Saturday, October 28, 1:00 PM – 2:20 PM
  • Panellists: Dave Mott of Upintheair Theatre
  • Online Schedulehttp://sched.co/CcRE

Are you a budding ACTOR? 
Well, do we have a TREAT for you!

Speculative Fiction Theatre company Upintheair Theatre invites VCON members with a penchant for acting to present short, live works of Speculative Fiction to guest Artistic Director Dave Mott in a chill open space.

This is an opportunity to be seen as an actor in a relaxed setting by one of Vancouver’s professional Theatre companies and the public.

Speculative Fiction text may be from plays, television shows such as Black Mirror, Firefly, or others, or your own writing. Speculative Fiction text for auditions should be no longer than 3 minutes. Come in costume (or not) – whatever will make you the most comfortable!

All auditioning participants must be pre-selected.

To be considered:
Send a picture of yourself, a performance resume, and a copy of the short Speculative Fiction text you will present to submissions [at] upintheairtheatre [dot] com

Submissions must be received no later than Oct 25, 2017, to be considered.


NOT AN ACTOR? Not a problem! Upintheair welcomes everyone to the session, inviting other interested VCON members to attend and observe the auditions from the audience.

The Problem with Laser Beams – In conversation with the Upintheair Theatre on Speculative Fiction Live Performance

  • Date: Sunday, October 29, 2:30 PM – 3:20 PM
  • Panellists: Dave Mott & Daniel Martin of Upintheair Theater, Author GoH Kristi Charish, Artist GoH Nancie Green
  • Online Schedulehttp://sched.co/CcT3

How do writers translate their works of Speculative Fiction to live performance? Join our esteemed panel in their thoughts about the challenges, successes and concepts behind taking genre fiction from the minds of the reader to the stage. As genre fiction becomes more and more common today how do we properly represent it when there are no special effects, computer-generated images or post-production tricks, or big budgets for theatre. How do the art forms of literature and theatre continue to support the demand within in the limits of live shows?

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