VCON at Canada Day Parade!

July 1st was Canada Day, and, as always, VCON volunteers carried the banner at the annual Salmon Festival parade in Steveston. (Richmond).

11.5 (one a small child) people participated.  Great fun had by all. Photos by Stacey Ashton.

Parade Banner 2016

Stacey selfie with banner, taken before parade began.

Stacey & Mountie

Stacey with 100% authentic, genuine, and very real Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer (Mountie) for our American friends who may wonder what the real McCoy looks like (as opposed to TV & Movie Mounties). Judging from the shoulder patch this gentleman is high above the rank of Constable.

Parade Participants

Stacey with other participants. Note the Dr. Who scarves.

VCON flyer handed out

Close to 1,000 of these VCON 41 flyer/cards were handed out during the parade. Art by Rebecca Tsang.

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