Author GoH with first spacewalker!

Sawyer & Cosmonaut Alexei Leonov at Starmus in Tenerife
Our Author Guest of Honour is much in demand! Robert J. Sawyer is the only science fiction author invited to give a talk at a gathering of Scientists, Astronauts, Physicists and other notable science-minded people who are in Tenerife to honour the legendary Stephen Hawking, perhaps the greatest theoretical scientist of our time.

The photo above shows Robert on the right and the gentleman on the left happens to be former Soviet Cosmonaut Alexi Leonov, the first man to walk in space!  They both look  as if they’re having a great time. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield is also an invited guest.

It’s no surprise Robert was asked to give a talk. In addition to being a science fiction writer he is also a noted futurist.

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