Let’s Help James NG!

VCON 37 Prog BK cover


Who is James Ng? He’s the guy who produced the artwork “Exorcist” for the cover of the VCON 37 program book which you see on this page. It’s but one superb example of the Chinese-themed steampunk SF&F art he is noted for.

As artist Guest of Honour at VCON 37 in 2012 he was a delight. Highly accessible to anyone who wanted to speak with him, witty and entertaining, he was exactly the sort of guest the relaxed atmosphere of VCON is famous for. We don’t forget any of our favourite guests. Always keen to hear how they are doing.

Turns out this very same artwork garnered him an award from 3DTotal, a CG Art website catering to 1.5 million visitors a month and showcasing some of the best CG art in the world.

Even better, “one image from each month’s winners is selected to further receive a trophy from the organization.” A trophy from 3DTotal is a VERY big deal.

For them as loves Ng’s work, click on the link below to bring up a good quality image of the “Exorcist.” You’ll see a bar in the upper left containing stars. Place the cursor on the bar, sweep right to establish a five-star rating, and click on the stars to register your vote.


Note that no log in or any other sort of fuss is involved. Just open the image and click on the stars. That’s it. Your vote will be recorded. Takes about five seconds of your time, though it is worth many more seconds to feast your eyes on the detail in his art. Note the owl with glowing eyes, for instance.

Am I shamelessly promoting James Ng and his art? HECK YAH!

The whole point of VCON is to have fun. Or, at least, that’s the main idea. But we also like to promote the SF&F genre, in fact to promote ALL aspects of the SF&F genre.

And not least, to promote the professionals who create the genre we are such huge fans of.

Especially our Guests of Honour. Including former Guests of Honour. Consequently this blog falls very much within the VCON mandate. Impeccably valid.

So, if you remember James NG from VCON 37, or have seen his art and love it, or are intrigued enough to check out this particular piece and it pleases you, be sure to vote!

This has been a highly biased blog by R. Graeme Cameron – VCON 41 Chair

Cheers all!

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