VCON 37: Post Apocalypse


Mostly harmless.
Mayans, Zombies, Aliens, Mother Nature, 
Giant Asteroid, Chthonic Horrors, 
Nuclear Blowup or Meltdown, 
Computational Singularity . . . 
Seems like Life as We Know It is Doomed. 

So let's party like it's 2012! 

Join us for three days of fannish fun! We have multi-track programming, including: 
Art Show & Auction • Vendors Hall 
Author Readings • 24-Hour Games Room 
Multi-Author Book Launch • Writers Workshops 
Demos • Academie Duello • Artists Alley 
Frankenstuf?es • 501st Legion • Costuming 
Panels • Dance • Elrons • Turkey Readings 
Uncle Victor’s Video Room

Whoever you are,
Whatever form of joy you take from scifi and fantasy,
VCON invites you to join us!