Program Guests

Every year, VCON invites a wide range of individuals with some professional or personal connection to science fiction and fantasy to attend the convention and sit on panels, run workshops and put on events during the course of the convention. These guests come from many different backgrounds and include authors, artists, actors, costumers, game desingers, and even the occational über fan.

The following sections contain information about the many guests who will be attending VCON this year. The lists will be updated as more guests confirm their participation.

Guests of Honour | Guests of Honour Emeritus | Programming Guests

Guests of Honour

Our Guests of honour; the people we have choosen to favour above all others for the duration of this year's convention. We are very pleased they have chosen to attend our humble convention and hope you'll each find an opportunity to meet and interact with them, either at a panel, in the Hospitality Suite or just wandering the halls.

Attending Guests of Honour
Name Info
Connie Willis
Author GoH
CONNIE is a science fiction writer who has won eleven Hugo Awards and seven Nebula Awards.
See this page for more information about Connie
James Ng
Artist GoH
JAMES is a a freelance concept artist and illustrator who was born in Hong Kong and regularly moves between there, Vancouver, Chicago and New York.
See this page for more information about James
Gregory Benford
Science GoH
GREGORY is an astrophysicist on the faculty of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of California, Irvine and also a science fiction author.
See this page for more information about Gregory


Guests of Honour Emeriti

Over the years since 1971 there have been many, many Guests of Honour who have attend VCON and we love them! We call them our Guests of Honour Emeritus and we love them so much, in fact, that we regularly invite them to come back and hang out at VCON again and again. Every year many of these wonderful people do come out to attend the con (and sometimes even participate in programming) which makes us so happy that we just have to tell everyone who is going to be at the convention whether or not they will be participating in actual programming.

Attending Guests of Honour Emeriti
Name Info
Don DeBrandt
VCON 19.5 GoH
DON is a Canadian author who also writes under the pen-names Donn Cortez and DD Barant. Born in Saskatchewan, he currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. In addition to North America, his books have been published in Germany, France, Italy, and Russia. His influences include Spider Robinson and John D. MacDonald, among others.

As DeBrandt, he has written numerous essays, short stories, plays and comics. His first novel, the cyberpunk The Quicksilver Screen was part of Del Rey Books' 'Discovery' line, and featured a cover by classic Science-Fiction painter Vincent Di Fate. This was followed by work for Marvel Comics and a novel in the series of book tie-ins for the Angel TV series.

As Donn Cortez, he took a darker turn for The Closer, a hard-edged story about a serial killer hunting other serial killers. His follow-up, The Man Burns Tonight (set at Burning Man) was more of a classic mystery. This was followed in rapid succession by five CSI: Miami tie-in novels and two CSI: Vegas novels.He has also contributed numerous pop-culture essays to BenBella's SmartPop anthologies, on subjects such as Angel, Firefly, The Golden Compass, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, King Kong, the X-Men, Star Wars, and Star Trek. He was the guest editor (as well as a contributor) to the essay anthology Investigating CSI.

In 2009, DeBrandt began writing a series of Urban Fantasy thrillers entitled The Bloodhound Files, using the pen-name DD Barant to distinguish the lighter tone of the books from his work as Cortez. Dying Bites was released in July 2009, with the follow-up, Death Blows, out in 2010. Killing Rocks was released late 2010, Better Off Dead in 2011, and Back From the Undead on March 27th, 2012. The sixth and final installment, Undead To The World, will be published later this year. He is currently working on a new paranormal series, entitled The Whisky, Tango and Foxtrot Mysteries.
Dave Duncan
VCON 18 Canadian Author GoH
VCON 29 Author GoH
DAVE is a prolific writer of Fantasy and SF, twice winner of the Aurora Award. He lives in Victoria
Lynne Taylor Fahnestalk
VCON 31 Artist GoH
LYNNE is an Aurora winner who's art work will always make you smile. This year Lynne will be exhibiting in the Art Show and participating in Programming.
Steve Fahnestalk
VCON 19/Westercon 44 Toastmaster
VCON 36 Toastmaster
STEVE is a local fan, author and the perenial auctioneer of the VCON art show.
Matthew Hughes
VCON 32 Author GoH
MATTHEW is a British-born Canadian author who now lives wherever his secondary career as a housesitter takes him, while continuing to write science fiction under the name Matthew Hughes, crime fiction as Matt Hughes and media tie-ins as Hugh Matthews. Prior to his work in fiction, he was a freelance speechwriter for corporate executives and politicians in British Columbia. His Archonate stories and novels have been compared to the works of Jack Vance.
Stan Hyde
VCON 22 Artist GoH
STAN is a member of Monster Attack Team Canada a club dedicated to the craft of movie monster model building.
Eileen Kernaghan
VCON 18.5 GoH
VCON 14 / Canvention 6 Special Guest
EILEEN is a Canadian novelist and three-time winner of the Aurora Award for English-language Canadian speculative fiction.
Dr. Jaymie Matthews
VCON 29 Science GoH
VCON 33 Science GoH
JAYMIE is an Associate Professor of Astronomy in the Department of Physics & Astronomy at the University of British Columbia. He is a leading expert in the field of stellar seismology: literally using the surface vibrations of vibrating stars to probe their hidden interiors and histories. To detect the subtle signatures of these `ringing' stars, Dr. Matthews has observed with giant telescopes on remote mountaintops in Hawaii, Chile, Australia and Russia. However, he realised that even the best telescopes on Earth could not detect the most subtle oscillations, so he decided Canada needed a dedicated telescope in space for this research.

Hence, Dr. Matthews became Mission Scientist and Principal Investigator for MOST, a Canadian Space Agency project to study Microvariability & Oscillations of STars. The suitcase-sized MOST microsatellite was launched successfully from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome in northern Russia on 30 June 2003, aboard a former Soviet ICBM slated for demolition. MOST was the first all-Canadian scientific satellite to be launched in over three decades, and is Canada's first-ever space observatory, which team members affectionately nicknamed the "Humble Space Telescope" because of its modest size and budget. MOST is now sending data to Earth which Dr. Matthews and his science team are using to tackle questions like: What was the Sun like as a `teenager'?, How old is the Universe?, and, What are planets around other stars really like?
Michael Walsh
VCON 10 Toastmaster
VCON 13 Toastmaster
VCON 15 Toastmaster
VCON 31 Toastmaster
VCON 32/Canvention 27 Toastmaster
VCON 33 Toastmaster
When it comes to the movies, MICHAEL has been there, seen that, and written about it. Born the year they finally released Arch Oboler's Strange Holiday, he became a fan on The Day the Earth Stood Still. His first published review, of The Last Man on Earth, was in a Toronto college newspaper. He turned pro in time to catch the New York premiere of 2001: A Space Odyssey. Moving to Vancouver, he found work at The Province the year of Marooned, and covered film locally from A Clockwork Orange to Waterworld. Like Joss Whedon, he is retired now but still listens to the music and looks forward to a second season of Continuum. Michael has been a fixture at VCON since the earliest days and earns the award for "person with the highest number of turns as the VCON toastmaster."


Programming Guests

There are many others from within industry and fandom who will be attending VCON as formal participants in panels and other programmed convention events.

Confirmed Programming Guests
Name Info
BJ Allan
BJ, who aids the forces of Science and Reason, is in reality Lamont Cranston, wealthy young man-about-town.
Rick Arino
(ConCom) Games Room
RICK has been involved with VCON since number 24. He loves to play and host games and is always looking for the next fun way to entertain VCON attendees.
Toren Atkinson
TOREN was raised on a beefalo farm in Chilliwack BC and is the lead singer for the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired rock band The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets. He is the co-author and illustrator for the award-winning roleplaying game Spaceship Zero. Toren has worked as an illustrator for games like Call of Cthulhu and Dungeons & Dragons since the mid 90's and studied comic production under Steve (Pounded/Queen & Country/Tales of the TMNT) Rolston. As an actor he's appeared in Stargate: Atlantis and provided voices for video games like Sword of the Stars and Fort Zombie. Current projects include funny animal superhero property World Wildlife Federation of Justice and Rocket Monkeys for Atomic Cartoons.
Brian Ayotte
Anime Convention Runner
Devon Boorman
DEVON is the Director and Master Instructor for Academie Duello, the world's largest centre for the study of European Swordplay and Martial Arts based in downtown Vancouver.
R Graeme Cameron
(ConCom) Writers' Workshop
Fandom Historian
GRAEME sits on the board of SF organizations BCSFA, CFFA, CSFFA, VCON and WCSFA, currently publishes ten different SF fanzines, has won two Aurora Awards, was CUFF winner in 1997, and has been presenter of the Elron Awards since 1989 and of the Faned Awards since 2011
Kristi Charish
Molecular Biologist
Aspiring Author
KRISTI is a post doctoral researcher at UBC who specializes in genetics, cell, and molecular biology. She holds a bachelors and masters in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry from SFU, and a PhD in Zoology from UBC. She's an avid science fiction and fantasy fan and an aspiring writer.
Mary Choo
MARY'S work has appeared in many magazines and anthologies, as well as online and electronic publications. Her short story, "The Man Who Loved Lightning," was published in the ground-breaking anthology of fusion fiction, Like Water for Quarks, and she will have a story in a new dark fantasy anthology scheduled for 2013. She has been on the preliminary ballots of the Nebula and Bram Stoker awards, and is a two-time Aurora finalist.
Geoff Cole
GEOFF'S short fiction has appeared in such publications as Imaginarium 2012: the Best Canadian Speculative Writing, Clarkesworld, Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show, AE - The Canadian Science Fiction Review, On Spec, and is forthcoming in Dark Recesses and New Worlds. Geoff has degrees in biology and engineering, and lives with his wonderful wife in Vancouver, Canada, where he helps run the regional drinking water system. Geoff is a member of SF Canada and SFWA.
Bennet R Coles
BENNET, is a professional author and publisher with nearly thirty years of experience in writing, editing and, more recently, wrestling with the publishing industry. He published his first fiction novel, Virtues of War, in 2010 and has over the past two years made it his mission to educate new authors on the realities of modern publishing. With a background in both local and international business development, Coles teaches authors about the business side of writing, and has helped many West Coast authors prepare their works for publication. He makes his home in Victoria, B.C. and works throughout the Pacific Rim region.
Russ Crossley
RUSS writes science fiction under his own name, paranormal romantic comedies as R.G. Hart, and mystery as R.G. Crossley.
Alyx Dellamonica
ALYX's first novel, Indigo Springs, won the Sunburst Award for Canadian Literature of the Fantastic in 2010. The sequel, Blue Magic, was released in April of 2012.
Linda Demeulemeester
LINDA was in grade five her school had a writing contest. She was one of the youngest students to enter; she won first prize. There was a huge gap between that first publishing success, not to mention a mountain of rejection slips, before she sold her first book, The Secret of Grim Hill.
Elon di Arcana
Line Family Researcher
The two primary interests ELON has in line families are economies of scale and having a date on New Years Eve. From a young age, Elon questioned the reasonableness of every small family group needing to own all of the tools needed to run a household. Along with physical resources, Elon questioned why humans did not share emotional resources, aka love, more freely. She has found that the line family model addresses economic and emotional issues very well.
Danika Dinsmore
DANIKA teaches creative writing and world building with an emphasis on juvenile and young adult literature. The first book in her children's fantasy series (Brigitta of the White Forest) was released in 2011, the second book (The Ruins of Noe) was released in May 2012, and the third novel in the series (Ondelle of Grioth) will be released in Fall 2013 (Hydra House). As well, her short story "String Theory" will be included in the upcoming Futuredaze anthology of young adult science fiction (Underwords, 2013). She lives in Vancouver, BC with her husband and their big-boned feline.
Joe Fulgham
JOE is a 12th level Skeptic/8th Level Rogue, and a host of the Caustic Soda podcast where he discusses the science, history, and pop culture of weird and gross topics.
Richard Gilmore
Line Family Researcher
RICHARD is a long time polyamory activist, researcher and writer. His primary research is on poly family economics, group decision making and nonsexual intimacy. He is also the vice president of Polycamp NW. Richard recently accepted the reins of Seattle's Poly Potluck. Richard and his partner Elon have given their line family presentation at the Loving More Magazine Poly Retreat in upstate New York and have also given talks near Washing DC, Seattle, Polycamp NW and Hawaii.
Elizabeth Guizzetti
ELIZABETH loves to create. In her mind, she has the best job (or jobs) in the world. She gets an idea, runs with it until it leads her to generate whatever it is going to be.
Brian Hades
Publisher: EDGE Publishing
BRIAN is the publisher/owner of the largest Canadian publishing house dedicated to Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror: EDGE
Palle Hoffstein
Game Designer
PALLE has been designing and producing electronic games for 16 years, making him absolutely ancient in his field. He has worked with industry giants Electronic Arts and Backbone Entertainment, and his list of clients includes; Disney, Pogo, THQ, LucasArts and Yahoo!. Palle has given talks on aspects of game design and production at SIGGRAPH and SFU. A pop culture and social media junkie, Palle is generally willing to talk about anything at VCON.
Tarol Hunt
TAROL is the inventor of the spork, fuzzy dice and the laser pointer. He also claims to be the creator, writer and artist of the webcomic Goblins, but many believe that to be a flimsy lie.
Karl Johanson
Editor: Neo-Opsis Magazine
KARL is the editor of two time Aurora Award winning Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine. He is also a former co-editor of the four-time Aurora winner Under the Ozone Hole. Karl has worked for Sanctuary Woods Multimedia, Disney Interactive and North Star Games, doing writing, design and testing on close to 200 computer games. Karl's recent publication credits include Sci Phi Journal, On Spec magazine and Stitches: The Magazine of Medical Humour.
Paula Johanson
After writing a novel and over two dozen nonfiction books on science, health, and literature, PAULA is currently completing a master's degree in Canadian Literature at the University of Victoria.
Stephanie Johanson
Editor: Neo-Opsis Magazine
STEPHANIE is art director, assistant editor, and co-owner of Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine. She has been called a science fiction activist, because of her desire to encourage others to enjoy the genre. Stephanie is an artist trying to find the time for her art. When she gets the time, her painting style is realism with a hint of fantasy, and her soapstone carving style is organic with polished curves. Examples of Stephanie's art can be viewed on the Neo-opsis Science Fiction Magazine website.
Phoebe Kitanidis
PHOEBE is an author of paranormal and fantasy fiction, including the young adult novels Whisper and Glimmer (Harper Collins). She's a founder of the new media company Odd Rocket. Phoebe lives in Seattle, WA and is an active member of Science Fiction Writers of America and Broad Universe.
Barbara Klinger
BARBARA has been dancing for over 15 years. 8 years ago she discovered the magic and beauty of middle eastern dance. Following her new love she has devoted herself to this expressive dance.
Rob Knop
ROB got his PhD in Physics from Caltech in 1990 and went on to work with Saul Perlmutter at LBNL from 1996 through 2001. There he participated in the discovery of the acceleration of the Universe's expansion, for which Saul shared in the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics. He was a member of the faculty at Vanderbilt University for six years, and then worked as a computer engineer at Linden Lab (the makers of Second Life) for two years. He now teaches physics, computer programming, and related subjects at Quest University Canada.
Kevin Leeson
TV &  Film Producer
KEVIN is a Producer, Screenwriter, and Story Editor in the film and television industry. As well, he co-hosts the comedy-science podcast CAUSTIC SODA
Ian Alexander Martin
Publisher: Atomic Fez Publishing
IAN has over the years been a photographer, photo-lab store-owner, stage actor, and performing arts journalist; thus demonstrating a fascination with embracing trends already well into their death throes. Currently he is the Proprietor of Atomic Fez Publishing, which is dedicated to providing eclectic, genre-busting fiction in a variety of formats: electronic, hardcover, and paperback editions. He has lived in Metro Vancouver all his life, and in Burnaby with his wife and two cats for rather less than that.
Tod McCoy
Julie McGalliard
JULIE is a 2006 graduate of the Clarion West Writers Workshop. Recent publications include "98 Hill" in Space Grunts: Full-Throttle Space Tales #3 and "Persephone Eats Winter" in Talebones #37, an Honorable Mention for Best Horror of the Year. She also writes and draws the comic Goth House.
Donna McMahon
Hitherto, DONNA has spent much of her life researching the future history of Cascadia, after the Pacific Northwest is devastated by climate change, economic and political collapse, pandemics and - of course - the Big Quake. She has published two novels in that setting; Dance of Knives and Second Childhood.
Jenni Merrifield
(ConCom) Merchandise
WCSFA President
JENNI first attended VCON in 1992 and has been a regular member of the ConCom since 2007. For the past two years she has sat as President on the Board of Directors for WCSFA - the West Coast Science Fiction Association, VCON's parent non-profit organization.
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
Mexican by birth, Canadian by inclination. SILVIA lives in beautiful British Columbia with her family and two cats. She writes speculative fiction. Her short stories have appeared in places such as The Book of Cthulhu and Imaginarium 2012: The Best Canadian Speculative Writing. She has edited several anthologies, including the upcoming Fungi. She is the owner of Innsmouth Free Press.
Dave Mott
DAVE is Co-Artistic Director of Upintheair Theatre Society, an actor, director and playwright and the co-producer and Artist Liaison of the Neanderthal Arts Festival. He teaches acting, play creation and physical theatre technique at Van Arts Vancouver Institute of Media Arts and is committed to mentoring young artists and developing new ways of seeing and creating theatre. An ensemble member of Vancouver Youth Theatre in the 80's he began his career as a theatre devisor in Victoria in the 1990's as a core member of the Chaos Collective. Dave also owns and instructs at the Brandywine Bartending School in Vancouver. Dave has over 20 years experience as a professional bartender and server in British Columbia and spent from 2007 – 2011 as Head Bartender/Instructor and General Manager of the Metropolitan Bartending School between 2007 – 2011 where he built the company's portfolio and developed their curriculum. After identifying a number of vital changes needed to update and modernize the essential nature of Vancouver's bartending training standards he founded Brandywine Bartending School with his brother and fellow hospitality training expert Geoffrey Mott.
Patricia Murray
PATRICIA is a vancouver makeup artist who began her career over twenty-five years ago. She has worked on film projects that include Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters, Eclipse - Twilight Series, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate, Defying Gravity, Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed, The Sixth Day, Thirteen Ghosts, Freddy vs. Jason, just to name a few. Currently Department Head on the New Warner Brothers TV Series Arrow. Patricia will be showing slides from the various projects, discussing her career, telling stories & answering questions.
David Ng
DAVID is an academic at the University of British Columbia. He is interested in various areas of science literacy, and is particularly engaged when the notions of science and art intersect.
Andrea Painter
Corsetry Expert
Corsetry has long been a passion of ANDREA'S. She loves accentuating curves to create an irresistible vision. Andrea adores blending modern with historical techniques and whimsical inspirations, using vintage notions with unique and beautiful textiles in her sewing. Her garments meander through the realms of fetish, masquerade, burlesque, historical recreation, steampunk, pirate and faerie faire. She enjoys sharing heirloom techniques, to create garments that will last, while also using alternative materials for budget-conscious clients.
Robert Luis Rabello
Robert Luis Rabello is a native of Glendale, California. His interest in science fiction began as an outgrowth of a childhood fascination with rockets. He began writing as a boy and has completed four novels in the Deveran Conflict Series. Currently, he lives in Sardis, British Columbia with his beloved wife and two sons.
Wolf Read
WOLF is a PhD candidate in Forest Science at UBC. He studies wind-tree interactions and the climatology of windstorms. In the past, he has worked for the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in energy analysis, the Lawrence Hall of Science as a scientific illustrator and the Washington Department of Natural Resources in ecological research.
Rhea Rose
RHEA is a Vancouver, BC writer and a full time high school teacher. In 1984, she participated in the Clarion West writers workshop and has been writing ever since. Most of her work has been published north of the 49th parallel. Her short stories and poetry have appeared in the Tesseracts anthologies. Many of her pieces have been nominated for awards, including the Rhysling award for poetry, and a nomination for an Aurora award. There were a couple of preliminary nominations for a Nebula award nomination. A short story of hers appeared in a David Hartwell, Christmas Forever anthology. TaleBones has published a short story and poem. Her "Big Foot" (a story, not her foot) was published in NorthWest Passages: A Cascadian Anthology, and a horror tale made it into Tesseracts 10 from EDGE Press which received honorable mention in Ellen Datlow BHOTY, as did her latest story in the first Evolve anthology. Look for her most recent poetry at Chizine. Rhea is currently completing her MFA at the UBC optional residency in creative writing
Tamara Sheehan
Things about TAMARA you may not have known: I write novels and short stories. And some non-fiction. I have hair. I've had, and continue to have, a job, an outlook, and kinfolk. Once upon a time I was a barista with a caffeine intolerance. Now I just have a caffeine intolerance. And I prefer my textual interactions properly engrammared.
T.G. Shepherd
Film Industry Professional
TG is a Vancouver writer, fighter, former film industry professional and former Concom for a mess 'o' VCONs
Rick Smith
Sara Stamey
SARA'S SF novels with Berkley/Ace netted a Locus Best New Novels listing along with positive reviews from Publishers Weekly, SF Chronicle, and others. She is listed in databases as an early Cyberpunk author along with Gibson and Stephenson, which tickles her. More recently, her paranormal suspense novel Islands is described as "a superior suspense novel. A fast read, a stomping vivid ride." Sara has indulged her wanderlust with extended travels in out-of-the-way corners of the globe (some inspiring her novels); with treasure hunting and teaching scuba in the Caribbean; and recently owning a farm in Southern Chile. Now resettled in her native Northwest Washington, she teaches creative writing at Western Washington University and offers editing services as a book doctor. Her new near-future novel, The Ariadne Connection, draws on her travels through the Greek islands and research into geomagnetic reversals.
Danielle Stephens
(ConCom) Chair
DANIELLE is the VCON 37 chair and the colourist for the online comi Goblins.
Lorna Suzuki
A fan of Alexandre Dumas of The Three Musketeers fame, LORNA noticed that it was the men going off on great adventures, enjoying the camaraderie of a brotherhood while the women were portrayed as the damsels-in-distress. In writing the Imago fantasy series, by adding a female protagonist, one that is reluctantly accepted into this brotherhood, the author drew on her own experiences as a woman in a once male-dominated field of law enforcement and martial arts to bring Nayla reeborn the female warrior to life. With almost 30 years experience in martial arts, Suzuki is a 5th degree black belt practitioner/instructor of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, a system incorporating 6 traditional samurai schools and 3 schools of ninjutsu. Suzuki's first 3 novels in the Imago series have been optioned for a major motion picture trilogy. In a co-production with Serendipity Point Films (Oscar nomination for Eastern Promises starring Viggo Mortensen) A Warrior's Tale is currently in development and to be filmed in BC.
Marcie Lynn Tentchoff
MARCIE is writer/poet/editor from Gibsons BC. Her work has appeared in such publications as On Spec, Weird Tales, and Strange Horizons, and she has two poetry collections available, Sometimes While Dreaming (Sam's Dot Publishing), and Through the Window: A Journey to the Borderlands of Faerie (Double-Edged Publishing), which can be found through Amazon. She holds full memberships in the HWA, SF Canada, and the SFPA, is an Aurora Award winner, a multiple Rhysling nominee, and has been long-listed for both the Stoker and the British Fantasy Award. Marcie currently edits Spaceports & Spidersilk, a speculative ezine aimed at readers aged eight and upwards, as well as editing poetry for Mindflights.
Pauline Walsh
(ConCom) Programming
PAULINE is a second generation geek who has been attending VCON since before she was a twinkle in the eyes of her parents, our GoHE Michael Walsh and
Susan Walsh
WCSFA Vice President
SUSAN has been a fan since she discovered novels with rocketships on their spines in the Rogers Park public library in 1958. She was a frequent panelist at early VCONs, when female fans were scarce. In recent years, she has moved on to badgering the concom, feeding people, and proofreading their copy. She also currently sits as the Vice President of WCSFA - the West Coast Science Fiction Association, VCON's parent non-profit organization.
Sandra Wickham
SANDRA lives in Burnaby with her husband and two cats. Sandra has been a coach and fitness trainer for over twelve years and is new to the writing world. Her friends call her a needle crafting aficionado, health guru and ninja-in-training. Sandra's short stories have appeared in Crossed Genres, Evolve, Vampires of the New Undead, Chronicles of the Order and Evolve Two, Vampires of the Future Undead.
Casey June Wolf
CASEY writes short fiction ranging in genre from SF to slipstream. Recent publications include stories in Room Magazine. She lives in Vancouver with the obligatory Two Cats, in a classic Small Room with Books and Furniture. There she crafts her stories and generally gets on with life. A new endeavour is making YouTube videos in which she reads with great enthusiasm from her favourite books. Wolf uses different genres, different voices, different cultures in short whatever she needs to make the story work. What ties it all together is her sure-handed prose and a depth she brings to her writing, that indefinable element that rises up from between the lines and gives a good story its resonance.