Tati Antinossi
Jeny Cassady
Geoff Cleeve
Dusty Hagerud
Loushawna (loushy) Haselhan
Thyrza Segal
Frances Skene

Tati was born to do make up – from the age of 3 she was getting in trouble for playing with her mother’s makeup. She didn’t follow her passion right away though, eventually becoming a Lawyer (not bad!). Throughout her law career, Tati continued part-time as a make-up artist and eventually realized that makeup is what she loves the most. Tati has 10 years of experience in Fashion and Film and can’t wait to share her knowledge with others, through the love she feels when she picks up a brush.

Jeny Cassady is a puppet creator, performer, teacher, director. BFA-UVic. Trained in marionette, bunraku, hand and rod, animatronics. Her puppets feature on stage, web, & indie film. Performed in many film & tv prods, recently Avenue Q & this fall – Henson’s Turkey Hollow.

Geoff Cleeve is a geeky bookworm whose love of si-fy has grown with every X-Wing taking out a Tie Fighter. He has been helping run fandom events, mostly Cons, for the last 8 years and his enthusiasm for cartoons in every form know no bounds. Outside of fandom he spends much of his free time volunteering with Saint John Ambulance. Thunder Birds Are Go!

Dusty Hagerud is the Creative Director and founder of Color Sound Lab, and has been performing and designing in Puppetry for 17 years across Western Canada working with a multitude of puppet theatre troupes. He was a recipient of a 2009 Leo Award for Anachronism Pictures’ “The Anachronism” and 2015 Jessie Award with Tara Travis on Monster Theatre’s “The Little Prince”

Loushy has been casually cosplaying since 2007 but got serious about armor crafting just over a year ago. Since launching headfirst into armour she’s made half a dozen sets of armour for herself, her friends, and a few wonderful clients. Get her talking about Mass Effect and strap yourself in for the rest of the night.

Thyrza graduated from the set and costume design program of the National Theatre School in Montreal and went on to work in theatre and TV and film – including as assistant costume designer on Stargate Atlantis. But she quit film work 10 years ago to do her own art and has been painting, making lamps and terrariums, doing photography, sculpting, assembling, and Photoshopping since then.