Emeritus (adj): A title conferred to a person who has rendered outstanding service over an extended period of time …
>>> from the Encyclopedia Galactica

… as anyone who knows anything about the following people knows is true about them. For your many contributions to VCON, please accept the designation Emeritus as a small token of our appreciation.

R. Graeme Cameron
Steve Fahnestalk

Sandra Wickham

R. Graeme Cameron: Also the Chair of VCON 41, he has been a Fanzine Editor 30+ years, publishes semi-pro SF fiction zine Polar Borealis, won two Aurora Awards, and writes fanzine review column for Amazing Stories.

Steve Fahnestalk has been in fandom for more than 40 years. That somehow qualifies him to spout off about SF/F subjects. Which he does with regularity in his Amazing® Stories Online column (www.amazingstoriesmag.com). He’s also known for singing Beatles with Spider Robinson and T*A*M* Gordy. He’s chaired and run a number of conventions, too. And he’s written a couple of books and a number of stories.

Sandra Wickham lives in Burnaby, BC, with her husband, two cats and toddler son. Her friends call her a needle crafting aficionado, health guru and ninja in training. Her short fiction has appeared in Evolve, Evolve Two, Crossed Genres, The Urban Green Man, Sirens and more. You can visit her website at www.sandrawickham.com. She enjoys visitors.