Emeritus (adj): A title conferred to a person who has rendered outstanding service over an extended period of time …
>>> from the Encyclopedia Galactica

… as anyone who knows anything about the following people knows is true about them. For your many contributions to VCON, please accept the designation Emeritus as a small token of our appreciation.

Don DeBrandt
Steve Forty
Eileen Kernaghan
Jaymie Matthews
Randy McCharles
Michael Walsh

Don DeBrandt is a Canadian author who also writes under the pen-names Donn Cortez , DD Barant and Dixie Lyle. His books have been published in North America, Germany, France, Italy, and Russia. As DeBrandt, he writes science fiction, essays, plays, and comics; as Cortez, he writes mysteries; as Barant, he writes the urban fantasy series The Bloodhound Files; and as Dixie Lyle he writes the paranormal mystery series the Whiskey, Tango and Foxtrot Mysteries.

Steve Forty chaired VCON 20, edited Bcsfazine for 35 issues, held various VCON positions over the years, was pre-registrar at Banff 89 international, Fan Guest 7 times (Noncon 8 and 16, Moscon 4, Vikingcon, Radcon, Orycon, and VCON 40), held many BCSFA meetings at his house over the years (as well as VCON convention stuff), printed BCSFAZINE for many years in up to 4 colours on Gestetners (mostly in his basement).  Was active in keeping FRED running for many years.

Eileen Kernaghan lives in New Westminster. Her nine historical fantasy novels reflect her fascination with other times and places, from the prehistoric Indus Valley to Victorian England. Her most recent YA/teen novel, Sophie, in Shadow, shortlisted for a Sunburst Award for literature of the fantastic, is set in 1914 India under the Raj. A collection of her speculative poetry, Tales from the Holograph Woods, was published in 2009 .by Wattle & Daub Books. She also has an outstanding record of VCon attendance.

Jaymie Matthews is a UBC astrophysics professor who searches for planets beyond the Solar System and probes the hidden interiors of distant stars, using space telescopes as large as minivans and as small as car batteries.  Jaymie is heavily involved in astronomy education and outreach, winning the 2016 Qilak Award for those efforts.  (Qilak is the Inuit word for the sky overhead.) In a parallel universe, Jaymie would be a filmmaker, and he does a lot of consulting work in film and TV.

Randy McCharles is a full-time author of humorous speculative and mystery fiction. He is the recipient of several Aurora Awards. His recent novel, Much Ado about Macbeth from Tyche Books has been shortlisted for the 2016 Aurora Awards. In addition to writing, Randy organizes various events including The Rocky Mountain Writers Retreat, A Taste of Local Authors, Writers in the House, and the award-winning When Words Collide Festival for Readers and Writers.

Retired newspaperman Michael Walsh has lived long enough for somebody to detail his sins in a Wikipedia entry <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michael_Walsh_(film_critic)>. He’d prefer that you read his version,  set out on his own website, Reeling Back <http://reelingback.com/>.