Convention Committee

Some of the people who made this thing happen. These ones also happen to be participating in programming.

Rick Arino
Donna Duvall
Jenni Merrifield
Greg Neher
Russ Quick
Chris Sturges
Susan Walsh

Chilam is an Artist, Author, Astro-guy (B.Sc. Astr UBC ’09) & creator of the fantastic world of Varzuun. His new novel PALADIN releases this year. Member / Principle Cast BC Renaissance Festival & Jade Dragon Pirates.

Rick Arino is Big on gaming, loves hosting the interactive gaming. Lives for Halloween and scaring people. More than a little crazy. Also an AFOL.

Donna Duvall is an artist and avid reader of the fantasy genre, has been organizing the costume contest for three years, and although new to the VCON community, has enjoyed getting to know all the members.

Jenni is a UX designer by trade and an SF&F geek by choice. Her favourite fandoms include Star Wars (Han shot first!), Harry Potter (she’s a Ravenclaw), Firefly/Serenity (Browncoats unite!) & the Honorverse (Let’s be about it!)

Russ is an amateur filmmaker with a knack for brand development & collaboration. He also dabbles in writing, acting & sculpting in his spare time.

Susan Walsh: A fan from the day she discovered books in the public library with rocket ships on the spine, since the first VCON she’s been on panels, impersonated dead authors, taught origami, proofread, and (mostly) fed people.