Did you enjoy a previous VCON?

VCON is a fan-oriented and fan-run convention. Done, by the few, the proud, the elite. Join us, and help to make VCON a success.

What needs to be done? Everything!


  • Planning
  • Recruiting
  • Advertising
  • Preparing
  • Event set up
  • Event take down
  • Everything inbetween


The international celebrities that we bring in are all volunteering their time, although they get small stipends, the local celebrities that attend are all volunteering their time, the department heads, and by no means least important, the people who offer a few hours to be gofers or to run a single workshop or whatever, they are all volunteers.

But value is given, and value is returned. Here are 5 benefits to be a VCON volunteer. We promise that you will get 4 of the following 5 things (our choice) when you volunteer for VCON.

  1. Discounted entry to the convention. Anywhere from 60% off a one-day membership to 80% off a weekend membership, based on how many hours of work you do. There may also be other perks available, such as free t-shirts or volunteer-only raffle tickets.
  2. Cred. Do not discount this effect. Your peers will look upon you with awe.
  3. A warm, fuzzy feeling inside. You done good, so you feel good!
  4. Good karma. Notwithstanding any of the other benefits, when you participate in a worthy cause, you get good karma. Anyway, that’s what we heard (to paraphrase Jackie Chan, playing the Drunken Monk in The Forbidden Kingdom).
  5. A fistful of $$$. And a few $$$ more. §

§ These are obviously out of genre. Volunteers won’t get these.

Now, the technical details. To start the process, click a Volunteer button and commit yourself to the tender mercies of the Volunteer Coordinator. Or let us know in your own way, if you prefer.


Our parent non-profit, WCSFA, has created a formal Volunteer Corps as a way of tracking everyone interested in helping out at any WCSFA events. Enrolled Volunteers will be the first to hear about all upcoming volunteer opportunities.


For more information about volunteering at VCON specifically, contact … volunteers [at] vcon [dot] ca