Program Panellists

Become one of VCON’s Program Panellists

Would you be suitable as one of our program panellists? We’re always looking for pros and semi-pros (i.e., those who make all or a portion of their livelihood from their work) in fields related to science, games or any of the genres that fit under the heading of “science fiction and fantasy” or “fan experts” – those who are not professionals but would be generally recognized as an expert in an appropriate area.

If you are such a person and are interested in becoming one of our program panellists, please email programming [at] vcon [dot] ca with some information about yourself and the reason you’d like to be a program panellist. If you have specific ideas for any discussions, talks, workshops or demonstrations you’d like to participate in or present, you should also submit them via the form on our Suggest Programming page. Programming will consider applications from all potential program panellists on their own merits, and contact those best suited to the current year’s overall programming bundle.

Please understand that we cannot accept every applicant. If we don’t have room for you as one of our program panellists one year, you will always be welcome to apply again at any future VCON.

Notes for regular fans
In general, VCON is NOT looking for applications from non-expert fans.

The exception to this is members of genre-related fan organizations and clubs – if you are part of a recognised organization or club, we may be able to allow your group do a single panel presentation. Please contact programming [at] vcon [dot] ca to discuss the possibility of a fan organization panel. 

We also offer the opportunity for such groups to promote their group at the convention with lobby tables and room parties. Check out the Promote Your Group page for more details.