A discussion of science fiction and the SF convention VCON (vcon.ca), on SoapBox Radio (with pictures). Hosted by Victor Schwartzman (June 1st, 2016), with Robert J. Sawyer (VCON Author GoH), Richard Graeme Cameron (VCON Chair), Stan Hyde (VCON Fan GoH), Eric Chu (VCON Film Design GoH), Karl Johanson (VCON Editor GoH), and Laurie Smith. Co-op Radio 100.5 FM.

Topics covered include: Fan-run VS. Business-run SF&F conventions, Jamie Anderson’s “Firestorm,” VCON history, Hospitality, Gaming rooms, Dealers room, Art Show, Fandom today and Godzilla’s future.

Thanks to Karl Johanson for creating this youtube video version of the radio broadcast, complete with images depicting the speakers.