September 4/2016 – As you can see from the green  “Book your Room” button on the right, the discounted room prices for VCON attendees have been extended to 5:00 PM Friday, September 9th. After that room prices go up to the full normal hotel price. If, during the labour day weekend, there don’t seem to be any rooms available, it is because the hotel staff running the discount booking site are on holiday. On Tuesday they will add a few more rooms to our room block, and monitor sales daily to see if they need to add more. So don’t miss out on your chance to get a significantly discounted room!

August 22/2016 – Check out the Charity Auction Catalogue in the menu under “Events/Main Programming”. Just a few items listed so far, but a harbinger of nifty stuff to come. For example, a re-issue of the same plastic “Flying Saucer” kit that Ed Wood Jr. used in his wonderfully inept “Plan Nine from Outer Space.” Customise it the way he did and YOU, too, can own a classic Ed Wood Jr. Flying Saucer!

August 21/2016 West Coast Science Fiction Association Call for Bids to Run VCON 42

The West Coast Science Fiction Association (WCSFA) is now accepting applications from groups of fans interested in becoming the core of the organizing committee (ConCom) for the VCON 42 convention, to be held in October 2017 at a venue still to be determined. In order for a committee bidding to run VCON to be considered, the requirements and procedures noted here must be met. Completed bid information must be submitted to the WCSFA board secretary no later than MON 31 OCT, 2016. The WCSFA board highly recommends that anyone interested in being a VCON bid chair contact us much earlier than the bid deadline. WCSFA exists to support fan-run events like VCON and is ready to provide any declared bid chair with assistance to help bring about a strong bid. Such assistance may include but is not limited to access to shared resources, forwarding names of potential ConCom volunteers who come forward during the course of the bid process, financial budget advice, and specifics for required and traditional event activities.

[Chair of VCON 41 notes: typically a bid has one or more confirmed Guests of Honour, a confirmed venue, a particular theme, 1.e. significant ConCom positions filled (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer, Operations, Programming, etc.), including at least some members with previous VCON experience, and a preliminary budget. I, for example, am willing to volunteer for VCON 42 in the extra capacities I filled this VCON, namely Dealers Room/Artists Alley liaison, Writers Workshops, and maybe one or two other areas. That’s a start on a 42 bid!]

Yours, Jenni Merrifield : secretary [at] wcsfa [dot] org  2016 Secretary, West Coast Science Fiction Association

(WCSFA is a non-profit organization that hosts events for fans of science fiction and fantasy throughout the Vancouver, BC metro region, most notably VCON, a three-day convention that has existed since 1971. Our mandate is to promote the importance of and to foster and encourage interest, involvement, and participation in all forms of science fiction and fantasy fandom in British Columbia through the coordination and promotion of community events. As a registered BC non-profit society the West Coast Science Fiction Association ( is required, by law, to inform our members whenever General Meetings are scheduled or other important announcements must be distributed.)

August 14/2016 – Do you have any program session ideas that you’ve always wished VCON would run? Or that you absolutely want to make sure we run again? Or that *YOU* would be the perfect panelist for? Well, the final deadline is just days away: next Friday, August 19. If *YOU* have any suggestions, please submit them via our Program Suggestions Form.

August 14/2016 – If you’re pretty sure that you will be booking a hotel room, then do so before Aug. 31 at 5 pm, after which the rates go up.

August 14/2016 – If you are certain that you will be coming to the Con, you should register online. This will save you quite a bit of time, especially if there are lineups at the in-person registration, which there will be, because it’s a popular event. Online registration closes on Sept. 15.

August 10/2016 – Issue #4 of the VCON 41 newsletter “The VCON Vanguard” released. Find it under the newsletter heading in the same menu as these announcements. The feature article on the early career of our author Guest of Honour Robert J. Sawyer reveals the truth about his alien mind-parasites! Don’t miss it!

July 25/2016 – WCSFA will shortly be announcing they are open for bids by interested (and experienced) parties to put on VCON 42 in 2017. The formal announcement (with details) will be posted soon.

July 09/2016  Notice of West Coast Science Fiction Association July 23rd, 2016 Special General Meeting
WCSFA is the legally registered non-profit association which hosts VCON. If you are a member of VCON 41, or were a member of VCON 40, this notice (with a few exceptions as noted in the announcement) applies to you! Interested parties who are not currently members are also welcome to attend, either as observers or as voting participants by purchasing a stand-alone WCSFA membership ($5) or picking up a VCON 41 weekend membership (currently $60 for Adults, $5 less than at the door) from our Eventbrite ticketing page or on site between 1:30p and 2p.

Meeting will be held Saturday, July 23rd, at the Bonsor Recreation Centre, in multi-use room #1 at 6550 Bonsor Ave (Near Metrotown Mall) in Burnaby. Doors open 1:30 PM. Meeting runs from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM. Click on link “Notice of …” beside date above for full details.

July 05/2016ARTISTS! Now possible to book a panel or table to display and/or sell your art in the VCON 41 Art Gallery next to the Dealers room. Go to “Art Show” under the “Events/Main Programming” listing in the header menu for details.

June 04/2016Stephanie Johanson, Assistant-Editor (with her husband Karl Johanson) of Neo-opsis Magazine, and an artist in her own right, has been added to the Guest of Honour roster as Art Director Guest of Honour. She has produced numerous cover art pieces and interior illustrations for Neo-opsis. Her art will be on display at VCON. She will enlighten you on the topic of the art market place in Canadian SF&F publications. Welcome aboard Stephanie!

April 13/2016 – Description of the various function spaces and their planned use has been added to the Hotel Floor Plan Maps section under “Hotel.” This will give you an excellent “heads-up” as to what sort of thing will be happening in which room, as well as give you a pretty good idea what it will be like to attend the con, the sort of atmosphere, how much fun it will be and so forth.

April 03/2016King Corner Rooms and Clubrooms are now available for booking in addition to Traditional Queen and King rooms. Check out Hotel Rooms for details on prices and amenities or click on “BOOK YOUR ROOM!” button to right.

March 26/2016 – VCON 41 Author Guest of Honour Robert J. Sawyer will be in Vancouver to promote his latest novel QUANTUM NIGHT on Wednesday, March 30th, at 6:00 PM (to 8:30 PM) at the Cottage Bistro at 4470 Main Street (food and drinks available at the Bistro). White Dwarf Books will be on hand to sell copies of Sawyer’s QUANTUM NIGHT (and maybe other books of his as well). Listen to Sawyer speak (he usually gives a talk at his signings, or at least a reading), buy the book, and get it autographed. For those planning to attend VCON but have not yet met Sawyer, this is an opportunity to get a sneak peek preview of this wonderfully inspiring author. He mingles well with fans, being one himself. Great guy to meet and converse with. An enjoyable evening guaranteed!

March 14/2016 – Early stages yet but we are gearing up for multiple activities to promote VCON 41. For example, we will soon have a variety of flyers one of which will feature a line drawing image (by artist Rebecca Tsang) depicting, among other appropriate characters, our VCON “Robotter” mascot in a Godzilla suit. At some point we will launch a children’s colouring contest utilizing this art. Children six years & under already get in free, but older children (7 to 12) can win free memberships (all children must be accompanied by adults). It is intended the winners and best runner-ups in both categories of children will be put on display in the VCON art show. More concrete info about this fun activity will be forthcoming.