Press Coverage


  • SoapBox Radio (Vancouver Co-Op Radio, 100.5 FM)

    A discussion of science fiction and the SF convention VCON (, on SoapBox Radio (with pictures). Hosted by Victor Schwartzman (June 1st, 2016), with Robert J. Sawyer (VCON Author GoH), Richard Graeme Cameron (VCON Chair), Stan Hyde (VCON Fan GoH), Eric Chu (VCON Film Design GoH), Karl Johanson (VCON Editor GoH), and Laurie Smith. Co-op Radio 100.5 FM. Topics covered include Fan-run VS. Business-run SF&F conventions, Jamie Anderson’s “Firestorm,” VCON history, Hospitality, Gaming rooms, Dealers room, Art Show, Fandom today and Godzilla’s future. Thanks to Karl Johanson for creating this youtube video version of the radio broadcast, complete with images depicting the speakers.


  • Brad Finlayson @ Game Point

    Game Point had a great weekend at VCON 2015 this year! Almost every tabletop player and gaming group demoed Symetra and/or Wizard’s WARdrobe. The reception was amazing and some players even had gaming-bliss freakouts, which is always awesome for a designer to witness.


  • Robert J. Sawyer

    I realized today that I hadn’t noted yet here in my blog one of the biggest honours of my career: On Saturday, October 5, 2014, I was one of the initial inductees into The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame, administered by The Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association — the same people responsible for Canada’s venerable Aurora Awards.

  • Mackensie Baker @ Lifted Geek

    This year's theme for this convention combination was Military Might, or as their slogan says, "From Swords & Sorcery to Phasers & Grasers". As someone who has been a proud bookworm since kindergarten, I admit that I g33ked out to the nth degree this weekend. There were so many Canadian authors and artists that I struggled to choose whose panels to attend to! I first went to VCON two years ago, and I actually did have the misfortune to miss some prime panel action, so I was, naturally, quite determined not to make the same mistake this time around.

  • R. Graeme Cameron @ Amazing Stories

    All about the shenanigans at VCON 39 which took place October 3-5/2014, at the Vancouver Sheraton Guilford Hotel, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. A purely personal review driven by fatigue toxins, conflicting memories, and dying brain cells. Was a very good con, in other words. Will be interesting to see if Steve Fahnestalk and I write about the same things in a different way, or in the same manner, or if we write about entirely different things. I may appear to namedrop, but you see I have a bit of an advantage over regular attendees in that I was in communication with the guests of Honour before the convention (because of the program book & the writers workshops) and have been active in fandom for decades, long enough for numerous authors to recognize and despise me on sight. Hence very easy for me to get into conversations with them… Nah, I’m namedropping, cause it’s fun.