Oxygen Destroyer


Stan at Toho Studios in Japan with Mr. Koichi Kawakita (director of special effects at Toho from the mid-1980s to 1998). They are holding the original “Oxygen Destroyer” prop used to slay Godzilla in the 1954 film which began the series more than sixty years ago.

Recently retired, Stan taught English literature, film, and drama at Churchill High School, and, whenever he could convince the School Board, courses in Science Fiction literature. His teaching skills were such that he became Deputy Chief Examiner for an International Baccalaureate Film Studies course, necessitating frequent trips overseas during which he established an international reputation.

What proof exists he is a Godzilla expert? He has more than 200 models of Godzilla, each one different. He can look at a photo of Godzilla and identify the movie the still came from by the shape of the ear alone. He is a regular columnist for G-FAN, North America’s premiere Godzilla magazine. Every year G-Fest flies him to Chicago to lecture fans on Godzilla.

Further, Stan co-authored and co-performed (with the VCON 41 Chair) the infamous “Godzilla Sex-Life Skit” about twenty-five times at various Pacific North west conventions over the past thirty years.

Best of all, Stan has actually met Godzilla, put his arm around him, even got his autograph. This is because he has met many of the actors who portrayed GODZILLA. They even showed him how to walk like Godzilla! Stan also knows the true colour of Godzilla’s skin because, during a personal tour of Toho studios, they took him into the room where all the suits from all the movies are hanging. Ask him what the true colour is. He’ll be glad to tell you.

His fannish career began with a long, lonely bus ride across Canada to attend Torcon II, the 1973 Worldcon held in Toronto with Guests of Honour Robert Bloch, William Rotsler, Isaac Asimov and Lester Del Rey. In 1975 Stan founded SFAV (the Science Fiction Association of Victoria) in the midst of a poker game. He edited the first SFAV clubzine UP THE TUBES in 1978.

As founder (and occasional President) of SFAV, Stan wrote numerous columns under the title THE LIGHT-HEARTED VITUPERATOR AND JOLLY REVILER for the SFAV clubzines PHOENIX and FROM THE ASHES. And later, on a monthly basis, for BCSFAzine (newsletter of one of the three clubs which originally founded VCON in 1971) from #193 (June 1989) to #269 (October 1995).

Stan was Artist Guest of Honour at VCON 22 in 1997 because of his great and subtle skill in model kit painting for which he has won many awards.

Speaking of models, Stan helped found Monster Attack Team Canada in 1989. This is an extraordinary club consisting mostly of professional film designers and prop-makers who work in “Hollywood North” as the local Vancouver film industry is called. (Eric Chu, our Film Design Guest of Honour, is a member of M.A.T.C.) Club members collect rare limited edition “garage kits”. They lavish incredible attention to detail in painting the assembled models, many of which will be on display in the Art Show at VCON 41 and in a lecture room specifically set aside to focus on M.A.T.C. and the special effects industry, especially as pertaining to puppetry, stop motion animation, and Supermarionation. M.A.T.C. members will also put on a variety of demos in both rooms.

Stan is also an expert on movie monsters, and not just Japanese guys in suits in either. I quote from a conversation I had with Stan a couple of decades ago:

ME: “So she wrote in saying she liked my review of THE GIANT CLAW, but couldn’t understand why I left out the scene where the monster attacks the bus in the fog.”

STAN: “Why, the poor deluded fool. How could she confuse a scene from THE DEADLY MANTIS with a classic film like THE GIANT CLAW? Tich! Faggh! Such ignorance!”

Stan is an entertaining and inspiring speaker. And if he decides to do it again this year, don’t miss his “Godzilla-sing-along!” He knows everything about Godzilla. Really.