Before we get to the main section, our Chief of Hospitality has a special announcement:

Cookie Contest!

When I was last the Chief of Hospitality at VCON, I ran the Cookie Contest, and I think people had fun making, and eating, other people’s creative endeavors.  We’re bringing it back this year and are looking for bakers of all sorts to bring us their fanciful favorites!  Do you make a cookie all your family has to have?  Is your unique cupcake the best thing your spouse has ever eaten?  Can you make a Muppet-shaped cookie?  (Bunsen Honeydew is just a rectangle with crazy hair…)

We’d love to put your best creation to the taste-test!  Bring us small-sized portions so lots of people can try your baking, and we’ll vote on who has the Best In Show!  The Cookie Contest tasting will start at 2 PM on Sunday, so you have until Sunday morning at 10 AM to bring it to the Hospitality Suite.  Make sure to include a recipe card, so all who need can avoid those pesky allergens or restrictions.

… Naomi


VCON Hospitality is as much a part of our Con as the Art Show. It is open to members the entire duration of the Con.

There are 2 separate rooms, both on the 2nd floor: the Trillium and Dogwood rooms, featuring a combined space of 1,265 square feet for our Hospitality lounge. The Dogwood will feature a licensed bar staffed by licensed servers. Adults only. No minors permitted. (Because that’s the law.) The bar will serve mostly beer and cider, and perhaps some wine. No hard liquor (for that you need to go to the hotel bar on the ground floor beside the hotel restaurant). Basic snacks like nuts and pretzels will be on hand to go with the beer. There is no price list, but suggested donations are encouraged. Donations need to cover the cost of the beer, and potentially, should the beer start to run out before the con is over, the purchase of more beer. So give generously to keep hospitality functioning!

The Trillium room, open to kids as well as adults, will offer snacks, soft drinks, and perhaps fruit juice. Again, donations are required to keep the room open and functioning.

Snacks in hospitality will probably consist of  bread, cheese, simple sandwich fixings, platters of veggies, maybe some fruit, some cold cuts, cereal, buns, chips, nuts, pretzels, and the like. Suitable for munching on, but not what you’d call a real meal. If that’s what you want, please go to the hotel restaurant, which has excellent meals and, just for VCON, will be offering a special fast-food takeout service (Gamers take note, our contract allows you to take hotel restaurant fast food into gaming). Or you can consider the fast food court in the nearby Guildford Mall, about fifteen minutes walk away, or any of the restaurants in the vicinity, most of them within walking distance.

It should also be noted by one and all that the purpose of Hospitality is (and has always been right from the first VCON in 1971) to serve as a kind of “Green Room” where attendees can take a break from the con and relax in a convivial atmosphere conversing with friends and, who knows, maybe a Guest of Honour or two. For many professionals, VCON is a kind of relaxacon where they can mingle with attendees without the artificial barriers of GoH vs. attendee so often found at “expo”-type conventions. VCON is user-friendly.

Contribute to Hospitality!

The Hospitality Suite is run entirely by volunteers!  Are you willing to spend your volunteer time with us?  Then click here.
Do you want to enter a dessert into our Cookie Contest, or give some other donation to the Hospitality Suite?  You can fill out this form, too!