5,141 Square feet of function space is devoted to gaming at VCON 41!

3,900 square feet in the Fraser room (Table Top & Board), and 1,241 square feet in Barnston B (Console Gaming) beside the Fraser room on the ground floor down the corridor to the left of the hotel front desk.

Just as exciting, gaming in both rooms will run non-stop, 24 hours a day, from 1:00 PM Friday till 6:00 PM Sunday.

And for the first time ever, it is written in the VCON/Hotel contract that gamers may purchase snacks & non-alcoholic beverages from the hotel gift shop AND food (including fast food) and non-alcoholic beverages from the Hotel Restaurant, to eat in the gaming rooms while gaming. (No items sourced from outside the hotel allowed, and snacks and drinks in the hospitality rooms must be consumed in the hospitality rooms.)

Gaming has been a regular feature at our convention since VCON 12 in 1984. Currently, no less than two convention committee positions are devoted to Gaming. Rick Arino (active in VCON since VCON 24) is in charge of the Fraser room. Greg Neher leads a team of volunteers from IRL events to host console gaming in Barnston B.


An incredible mix of board games, card games, role-playing games and maybe even tabletop miniature games will be on offer.

The gaming tables will have two distinct types:


These are pre-booked tables good for one or more sessions run by designated hosts during the core gaming hours (Friday: 1 pm to 11 pm / Saturday: 10 am to midnight / Sunday: 10 am to 6 pm.) Details for each session will be posted in the Fraser room. Just make your choices and sign up!

The majority of Hosted Table sessions will be scheduled game-play, but some may be game demos, focused round table discussions on game topics, or other good stuff, depending on the interests and intentions of the host.

If you want to be a host but can’t commit to a particular time till actually at the convention, don’t worry. You can easily book a time slot at a table by asking Rick Arino, the VCON Games Coordinator, during the convention, on a first come, first serve basis.

Marcus Evenstar's (proposed) schedule:


These are tables open to any spur-of-the-moment hosts and gamer groups at any time during the convention gaming hours, night and day. Just bring in your own game, put together a group of gaming fen eager to play it, select a Free-Play table (subject to availability), and launch your own session. Whether it is a board game, a role-playing game, or simply your favourite game, be the gaming host you’ve always wanted to be and go to it!

We also offer the VCON Game Library to members during the core gaming hours. This is an assortment of familiar classics and interesting newer games VCON has been collecting for over a decade. These games may be borrowed by any VCON member to play on one of the Free-Play tables.


Will offer a variety of console systems to try your hand at both classic and contemporary electronic games. There will be casual “drop-in” gaming all weekend long (subject to availability of console seating) as well as specific tournament events which will be posted in the room for you to sign up. It is intended to offer prizes to winners if possible (yet to be confirmed).


In addition to all the gaming going on in the designated gaming rooms, from time to time one of the Tynehead Ballrooms will be devoted to live-action interactive games which members can not only watch but participate in!

The slate of such games is still under active consideration and preparation, but is absolutely guaranteed to include the following annual favourite:


Would you like to whack someone over the head with a giant inflatable hammer? Stab someone with an inflatable sword? Throw a Styrofoam ball at someone across the room?

Of course you would!

Buy could you do it by following someone else’s instructions? While blindfolded? Now that changes things!

Human Battleship is a large-scale game where two teams battle it out to sink each other. Each participant represents a “warship” with a harmless, inflatable weapon and a blindfold. You’ll receive battle commands from your team’s designated Admiral (the only one who isn’t blindfolded). With any luck he will guide you to victory.

Hilarity abounds as blindfolded people fail about in desperate hope of hitting their target. Be a part of the crowd or be a part of the game! Join the fleet! Play Human Battleship!


It’s time to play ‘The Family Feud!’

The classic TV Game Show returns to VCON once again.

Contestants will be divided into families and compete against each other for fame, glory and bragging rights! Answer the questions, gain points and take your family to the ‘Fast Money’ round!

Note: No actual money is involved… sorry. 🙂


The object of the game is to match as many of the ‘celebrities’ as you can.

At the beginning of each round, one contestant has a choice of two questions (A or B) leaving the other one for the other contestant. Each contestant is read a statement with a blank at the end or near the end. Then the six ‘celebrities’ write down their answers to fill in the blank. When finished, the contestant in control gives an answer of his/her own after which the stars reveal their answers. Each time the contestant matches, he/she scores a point.

The game will be played in two rounds and the player who has matched the most at the end of round two wins the game.


(Oh, and do remember to book a room and get some sleep now and then during the convention. Or at least a couple of naps. It pays to be unconscious once in a while. Keeps the mind sharp and tactical skills intact. Otherwise you’ll become prone to errors of judgement and start losing, and we don’t want that to happen, do we? A refreshed strategist is a proud and competent strategist. Keep that in mind, and you’ll be a winner!)