“Our programs are designed to create an environment where all children connected to the foster care system have equal opportunities akin to those of parented youth. Similar to a family, we help participants secure safe housing, coach them in essential life skills, and open the doors to a brighter future.”

Aunt Leah’s House was founded in 1988 to provide a home for pregnant and parenting teen mothers. Today, programs have expanded to include: one-on-one personal training on childcare, supported housing for moms at risk of losing custody of their children, transitional housing for teens currently in foster care and looking to become independent, workshops offering life skills, long-term education planning, cooking classes, and so much more. Learn more at < >

Silent Auction Location: Probably beside the Swag Table in the Artists Alley near Registration.

Silent Auction will run from Noon Friday to Noon Sunday.

Winning bidders will then have a two hour window Noon Sunday to 2:00 PM Sunday to pick up and pay for their items.

How to Bid: Mark the bid sheet next to the item with your name, membership number and amount offered. If outbid, you can always enter another bid. Highest bid as of Noon Sunday is the winner!


If you are a registered member of VCON 41, go to < charityauction [at] vcon [dot] ca >, state your full name, the title of the item you are bidding for (see below), and the amount of the bid you are offering.

The catalogue will be changed to reflect the current bids on a daily basis. If you see yourself outbid, bid again! All items will be displayed at the con and further bids encouraged. Last name and offer to be entered on the bid sheet at the silent auction table by Sunday, Noon, is the winner! Show up between Noon and 2:00 PM Sunday to see if you’ve won. If you have, purchase your item on the spot. All unclaimed items will be auctioned at the closing ceremony.


The Making of Star Trek

The Making of Star Trek

Our Author Guest of Honour Robert J. Sawyer credits this book with teaching him the basics of writing for Television. To quote Rob:

“There was a book published in 1968, while Star Trek was still in first run, called The Making of Star Trek. It was the first book of its kind, and I found it absolutely fascinating … it contained all sorts of materials: blueprints of the starship Enterprise, close-up photos of props, character sketches of the ship’s crew, and dozens of memos sent between various people involved in the production arguing about every little background detail, from what powered the starship to what sorts of family names Vulcans might have.”

“These days, many DVD releases come with commentary by the screenwriter or director, but back then this sort of insight into the creative process was completely unprecedented. I’m sure I would have loved Star Trek regardless, but I learned an enormous amount watching the 79 original episodes re-run over and over again, once the show was in syndication, because of the background in that book. One of the key skills for an SF writer is “world building” — creating a convincing alternate reality, and giving the audience insights into it through well-chosen background details. There’s no doubt I learned this skill through Star Trek.”

This particular paperback copy is the seventh edition which was published in 1971. Why not buy it and get Rob to sign it! Opening bid = $5

Stand By For Mars!

Stand by for Mars!

First in a series of 8 “Tom Corbett, Space Cadet” novels based on the popular TV series. This is a hard cover first edition, published in 1952. Willy Ley, a German Rocket scientist who fled Nazi Germany before the war, was technical advisor. Opening bid = $10

Zeppelin Wind-Up Toy

Airship Windup Toy

Reproduction of an antique toy made in the 1920s. Zeppelins were the largest flying machines ever built. They reached lengths of over 800 feet – the equivalent of an 80 story building!

Opening bid = $5

1976 Worldcon Program Book

1976 Worldcon Program

The Midamericon in Kansas City in 1976 was the 34th Worldcon. Guests of Honour included Author GoH Robert A. Heinlein, Artist GoH George Barr, and Fan GoH Wilson “Bob” Tucker (one of the most famous fans of all time). Magnificent hard cover program book featuring a portfolio of art which graced the covers of novels by Heinlein. You won’t believe how little programming there was. Less than what VCON 41 offers! Opening bid = $10

Ed Wood Jr. Flying Saucer

Ed Wood Flying Saucer

This is a re-issue of the world’s first science fiction plastic model kit, Lindberg’s “Flying Saucer”, first released in 1953. The notoriously bad—yet highly entertaining—filmmaker Ed Wood Jr. purchased three of these models in 1958 to use in his gloriously awful “Plan Nine From Outer Space.” NOT hubcaps. NOT paper plates. Those are urban myths. A close study of the saucers in the film reveals the characteristic details of this model. All he did was leave off the rocket engines, paint everything (including the clear canopy) silver, and in the case of one of the models, add a cube of wood to the bottom to represent the cube-shaped cockpit seen in the film. That particular model still exists in a private collection. Now, you, too, can own an Ed Wood Jr. Flying Saucer! Just customise it the way he did! Opening bid = $10

Mars Attacks

Mars Attacks!

One unopened package of nine Topps “widevision” collector’s cards to do with the movie “Mars Attacks” and a trio of mini-comics based on the original Topps “Mars Attacks” bubble gum cards of the 1950s. Not a complete set, to put it mildly, but a glimpse, definitely a glimpse, of something really cool. Opening bid = $2

Assignment in Space with Rip Foster

Assignment in Space

In 1952 “Rip Foster Rides the Gray Planet” was published, all about a bunch of Planeteers, as opposed to Space Cadets, with numerous illustrations with 1940s style uniforms and spaceships. “Assignment in Space with Rip Foster” was published in 1958, essentially the same book, but with all illustrations including the cover updated to reflect the futuristic vision of the 1950s. A more “serious” militaristic look at the future compared to the Tom Corbett series, it is still a heck of a lot of fun to read. Hard cover book. Opening bid = $10

More items to be added as the convention approaches.


If you are a registered member of VCON 41, go to < charityauction [at] vcon [dot] ca >, state your full name, the title of the item you are bidding for (see below), and the amount of the bid you are offering.