WCSFA Says: We’re Doing All the Things!

The West Coast Science Fiction Association (WCSFA) announced today that 2017 would be a “breakout year” for VCON – that is, they will be breaking out individual aspects of their annual three-day event into several, smaller, tightly focused events scheduled throughout the year.

VCON, the signature event for WCSFA is a long established general SF convention lasting three days but “Three days a year isn’t enough!” according to Chris Sturges, WCSFA president. “We have many more ideas and plans than we can fit in, we need more time! We tried the time travel convention (VCON 40), but that didn’t work.”

With that in mind, WCSFA is announcing a series of events in 2017, to allow more people to attend VCON-related events, and to bring the ideas and strengths of our volunteers to the forefront. So far we are planning:

VCON Relaxicon 41 ½.
We’re scaling back the traditional VCON just a bit, focussing more on people getting together with people. We want to make sure people have time to relax and enjoy the community that we’ve all worked to build. We can confirm that this event is a go and will be held 28-29 October 2017 at the Vancouver Guildford Sheraton Hotel.
Nothing But Games.
A 2-day event featuring tabletop and board games, console gaming, stand up arcade games, a Magic Tournament, head to head Artemis bridges, and much more.
All the Art.
A high profile art show featuring the best artists from our art show and invited guests, celebrating science fiction and fantasy artwork of all mediums.

We have many more events on our list, but we need your help! If you have an idea for an event or would like to help with one of the planned events, please contact the WCSFA Secretary at secretary [at] wcsfa [dot] org.

5 thoughts on “VCON To Have Breakout Year in 2017

    1. Michael,

      Thanks for your comment. We understand how much our fans would appreciate having VCON run in a location in central Vancouver. Unfortunately, the cost of venue space and rooms for central Vancouver are far outside WCSFA’s current budget for the event as well the budget of many of our attendees.

      We are currently making efforts to, at least, settle on a consistent location for VCON and some other events over the next several years rather than moving between venues as we have done throughout our past. We are already negotiating with the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford, which is where VCON 41 was and VCON Releaxicon (41½) will be held, to that effect, but nothing else is confirmed at this time.

    1. M. Duncan,

      Unfortunately, no, there will not be a formal book launch this year. It is typically held on Friday evening and this year’s event will only run Saturday and Sunday. That said, as we do intend to return VCON to it’s regular size for 2018, there should be a book launch then and it is possible that we will allow authors who would have been eligible for a 2017 book launch, had we had one, to participate.

      Additionally, we are looking into other possible options for authors with new books in 2017. For example, one idea we’ve discussed is a “book launch suite” that authors and publishers can register to use for the purpose of promoting their newest books(s) over a short period of time – almost like a “room party”, but for readers instead of partiers. We certainly welcome other suggestions.

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