Sawyer a huge “Thunderbirds” Fan!

Sawyer & Thunderbirds

Yes! Robert J. Sawyer, our author Guest of Honour, multi-award winning novelist and renowned futurist, is also a fan-boy at heart. Look at the nifty Thunderbirds models he keeps in his apartment!

He can hardly wait to meet Jamie Anderson (our Supermarionation Guest of Honour) and, in particular, interview Jamie about his career, his projects, and growing up watching his Dad produce myriad wonderful shows like Supercar, Fireball XL5, Thunderbirds, and Space 1999. Be sure to attend the interview!

And now, a selection of some of the other wonderful things Robert has collected. The man lives and breathes science fiction!

eagle transporter space 1999


Martian Fighting Machine


Stingray & Supercar


Gerry anderson vehicles



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